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Q. What causes the spots and white mineral build up on my glasses, faucets, and shower?

A. Calcium and magnesium are the culprit of this problem. These two minerals are called water hardness and are measured in grains per gallon (GPG). The U.S. Department of the Interior has established levels for the classification of hardness based on G.P.G. concentration of these minerals. 0—1 soft, 1—3.5 slightly hard, 3.5—7 moderately hard, 7—10.5 hard 10.5 or more very hard. A water test will find out what the water hardness in your home is, and a solution for it, if needed, can be determined at that point.

Q. Do I have to use salt or potassium to remove the hardness from my water?
A. Yes, water softening is accomplished by Ion Exchange. When a calcium or magnesium ion is removed from the water molecule it is replaced by an ion of salt or potassium. Systems not using salt or potassium can not remove hardness. Hardness build up, spotting, and scaling will exist if Ion Exchange doesn't occur.

Q. Does hard water reduce the efficiency of my water heater and dishwasher?
A. Hard water reduces the efficiency of water-using appliances. Take you water heater, for example. Scale build-up from hard water coats the heater's coils. In one study where electric water heaters were operated and tested exclusively on hard water, they consumed nearly 21.5 percent more energy than water heaters using softened water. And gas water heaters consumed 30 percent more energy. (Water Quality Research Council (NMSU) 1981). Also, appliances operating with hard water may need to be serviced or replaced more often, due to build-up of hardness and scaling.

Q. Don't water filters remove important minerals from my water?
A. Studies have found that minerals in your drinking water essentially make no contribution to health, and may even be present in forms your body can't absorb. Unfortunately, companies that promote "mineral water" perpetuate the myth that drinking water with minerals is healthy.

Q. I heard soft water doesn't rinse soap or shampoo off your body very well, is that true?
No, soft water removes soap and shampoo easily. In fact, easier than hard water does. The slickness that people feel when using soft water is the moistures and oils of their own skin. In contrast, hard water leaves soap residue on the skin. This can cause clogging of skin pores, and itchy, dry, flaky skin, Soft water allows the pores of your skin to breathe, thus promoting and maintaining healthy skin.

Q. Will soft water damage my plumbing or septic tank?

Q. Do Reverse Osmosis systems waste water?

Q. How come prices of water systems range from $150.00 to $6000.00 depending on what company you talk to, and what do I need for my family?

Q. How often do I have to change filters in a Reverse Osmosis system, and how often do I have to add salt or potassium to a water softener/conditioner?

We will be happy to provide answers to the questions above or any others that you may have.

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