Carbon & KDF Filter

What Does a Whole house Carbon Filter Remove?

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon is used extensively in water
treatment due to its high Porosity and large surface area.
Unsafe levels of chlorine, sediment, and other chemicals can
be found in some municipal water supplies. Even controlled
levels of chlorine can have side effects such as dry skin.
The Advantage system removes all the chlorine from the water
along with reducing or removing the following substances.

The Advantage Backwash Carbon Filter. Easy and Versatile

Advantage Carbon Filter Specifications

Carbon Filter Benefits

Little or No Maintenance Clean Filtered Water Throughout your home Better Tasting and Smelling Water

KDF Benefits

Elimination of heavy metals
(Lead, Mercury, Etc)
Eliminates bacteria growth

NSF/WQA/ANSI 42/44 Standards Certified Components

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