The Advantage Gold

Specialized Multi - Resin Technology

Utilizes a special multi-resin technology, which has conditioning capabilities that can’t be matched by a water softener. it removes hardness, iron, manganese, and reduces sulfates, nitrates, chlorine and more.

Taste, Odor and Sediment Reduction

Reduces up to 3 ppm aesthetic chlorine without the maintenance associated with KDF/carbon systems, resom bed, remove sediment particles, approximately 10 microns and larger.

Slippery Feeling Reduction

Using multi-resin technology reduces the slippery feeling that a water softener leaves behind.

Build To Last

Manufactured locally for Arizona water conditions with durable, commercial grade, corrosion-resistant components, and latest technologies using sodium chloride, or potassium chloride as a regenerant.

Certified Resins

Certified to NSF/QUA/ANSI Standards 42 and 44 for aesthetic chlorine reduction and softening efficiency.


The Advantage Gold comes with a limited lifetime warranty, one of the strongest warranties in the water industry provided locally by Advantage Pure Flo, Inc.

Advantage Gold Vs Water Softener

Aesthetic chlorine refers to the amount of gas dissolved in water which remains free (not bound to any other ions).
NSF/WQA/ANSI 42/44 Standards Certified Components

How The Advantage Gold Works

Your water flows through positive cation and negative anion resins.

Positive Resins soften water by removing calcium, magnesium and iron.

Negative Resins reduce aesthetic chlorine taste/odor, nitrates and sulfates.

Advantage Gold conditioned water enters your home for use.

The system recharges the resins and releases hardness, chlorine, nitrate, sulfate and iron ions down the drain.

See , Feel, Taste & enjoy the Differnece in your water!!!

The Benefits Of Conditioned Water

Softer Skin

Soap rinses off completely and there is no residue. Skin will be softer and hair shinier

Cleaner Laundry

Get Cleaner, brighter, and softer laundry without harsh chemicals. Studies have shown that clothing will last longer with conditioned water.

Better Taste

The Advantage Gold Reduces aesthetic chlorine taste and odor. Food and beverages will taste better when prepared with conditioned water.

Easier Cleaning

Bathroom and kitchen fixtures will take less time to clean and with less effort. Fixtures will stay clean longer, because hard water scaling and soap scum are virtually eliminated.

Energy Saving

Minerals will no longer clog pipes and water-using appliances will be free of build-up. This can result in energy savings.

Less Soap

Use less soap and cleaning products. Conditioned water has no mineral hardness to react with or overcome. A small amount of soap will create more suds and have greater cleaning power.