Reverse Osmosis System


Reverse Osmosis Systems

Advantage Series Reverse Osmosis Systems range from 18 to 50 gallons per day production rates, NSF/WQA/ANSI 42 Standars Certified Components, incorporating the use of 5 micron sediment filtration, extruded carbon block filtration, a TFC membrane for reverse osmosis filtration, an automatic shit-off valve, and carbon polishing filtration. The system has a 3.2 gallon storage tank, with other sizes available and a 5 year limited warranty. Annual service is required. Annual Service reminder postcards are mailed to the customer as a reminder.
NSF/WQA/ANSI 42/44 Standards Certified Components

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Advantage 200 Reverse Osmosis System

Advantage 200

(1) 1-20” Sediment filter removes any dirt, silt, rust and sediment that may be in the water. (2) 1-20” Carbon block that removes any chlorine and many other organics that may be present and can shorten the membrane life.
2 – 100 gpd Membranes together gives you 200 gallon/day of awesome water.
1-20” Carbon block does a final polish of the water and removes taste, odors and anything that may have gotten this far in the system.

Abundant Water Worry-Free Safe

Many Options Available
Many sizes and brands of membranes. Unit is also available with 10” housings. System is also available in the color white. Can be ordered with brass or John Guest fittings. Booster Pumps and Delivery Pumps available. Tanks are available for commercial systems from 10 gallon to 120 gallon Pressure type or Atmospheric to almost any size.


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NSF/WQA/ANSI 42/44 Standards Certified Components