Advantage Ion Exchange Water Softener

Time to switch from the hard water provided from your well or municipal water supply? We can help make the transition quick, easy, and inexpensive by providing a state of the art Water Softening System for your home. With different system sizes we can provide a perfect match for your family size and lifestyle.

Resin capacities from 32,000 to 96,000 grains, “Smart” on Demand controllers, 1″ system porting, flow rates to 27 G.P.M., regeneration with soft water, no batteries to change, either salt or potassium can be used for regeneration, guest identifier feature, and many more features set us apart from our competitors. NSF/WQA/ANSI 42/44 Standards Certified Components

Enjoy the clean feel of soft water, make appliances, and clothing last longer. Soft water will use less soaps, and cleaners, saving you money and get the job done easier. No more buildup or hard water spots on showers, fixtures, dishes, and sinks.

Designed for superior reliability, top performance, user friendliness, warranties that exceed industry standards, and minimal customer maintenance required, that’s the advantages of our products.

We will be happy to provide a plumbing evaluation, water test, and answer any questions you may have about our product, what it can do for you, and how it could be installed in your home.

NSF/WQA/ANSI 42/44 Standards Certified Components

Water Softener Information

See , Feel, Taste & enjoy the Differnece in your water!!!

The Benefits Of Conditioned Water

Softer Skin

Soap rinses off completely and there is no residue. Skin will be softer and hair shinier

Cleaner Laundry

Get Cleaner, brighter, and softer laundry without harsh chemicals. Studies have shown that clothing will last longer with conditioned water.

Better Taste

The Advantage Gold Reduces aesthetic chlorine taste and odor. Food and beverages will taste better when prepared with conditioned water.

Easier Cleaning

Bathroom and kitchen fixtures will take less time to clean and with less effort. Fixtures will stay clean longer, because hard water scaling and soap scum are virtually eliminated.

Energy Saving

Minerals will no longer clog pipes and water-using appliances will be free of build-up. This can result in energy savings.

Less Soap

Use less soap and cleaning products. Conditioned water has no mineral hardness to react with or overcome. A small amount of soap will create more suds and have greater cleaning power.